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Using Arduino to automate FIFA.

In FIFA, you can get virtual coins (farming) by playing matches. If you don’t finish the matches, you’re punished.

I used an Arduino kit because I wanted to play with this technology. And wow, it’s super easy and fun!

The only materials needed were a little carton box, a couple of sticks and screws.

The Xbox controller fits perfectly in the box, so I only needed to adjust the proper position of the servo with the sticks and screws:

Programming was very easy, you can check the full source code in this link:

I used a servo motor (with some delay) to press on the button A of the controller. Another button in the Arduino to turn on/off the mechanism, a couple of led to show the status and the LCD to display the number of presses.

And that’s all! Just need to put the controller in the box and turn it on when you need it. 🙂

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